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Are you struggling with finding the best accordion straps that give you the support you need? Accordions are not light instruments so not having the proper straps can really make things uncomfortable for you.

If you are a seasoned accordion player, you probably have experience with multiple different straps and understand the importance of finding high quality and versatile straps; but maybe you are here because you haven’t found the perfect fit.  

So whether you are a seasoned or new accordion player, you’re in the right place because you do not want to end up with straps that break your back. 

We are here to help! Our goal is to lead you in the direction of the right straps for your accordion. You need solid support while you play your accordion whether you are standing or sitting; and the quality of your straps matters.

Why do accordion straps matter?

First of all, the accordion is something that you wear. Since you wear it, you want it to be comfortable right? Think about clothing.

When you find an outfit you like, you try it on to see if it fits before you purchase it. If it fits well and it is comfortable, you get it.

The same goes for accordion straps. You have to try them on to see if they are comfortable before you make a purchase.

Your straps matter because they will determine your comfort level.

Too big and they slide.

Too small and they dig in. 

Secondly, straps matter because not every accordion is made equally.

They come in different sizes and weights. There isn’t one strap that fits all. If your strap is falling off of your shoulders then chances are you have the wrong size for your accordion. 

Thirdly, straps matter for proper placement of your accordion. If you get straps that are too big or small and the accordion is not placed in the proper position (60% on your waist and 40% on your lap) with its weight centered, you cannot play your best because you will most likely be in pain from the misplaced weight.

It will also affect your balance which will put extra strain on your body. 

Finally and most importantly, playing the accordion is physically demanding, especially if you are standing up.

Because of how physically demanding it is, without the best straps you will not have proper positioning and will tire very quickly. It’s wearing the wrong shoes as a runner.

If you do not have the correct amount of support you will not make it very far. 

Now that we know why it’s so important to have great straps, let’s talk about what to look for in the best straps. 

What to look for in good accordion straps

  • How tight are they? When you are looking for straps make sure they have a tight fit. You do not want your accordion moving around while you are playing. You need it secure against your body so you have the maximum support.
  • Are they adjustable? The best option is to find adjustable straps so that you can set them to fit your height, accordion weight, and comfort level.
  • How much does your accordion weigh? The size and weight of your accordion will depend on the size of straps you invest in. You do not need large straps with a small accordion and vice versa. 
  • Is it comfortable? Comfort is a major deciding factor in which straps you use. How do they feel on your shoulders? Do they sit comfortably or dig into your shoulders? For maximum comfort, look for straps that have pads for extra support. In addition, if you are playing a large accordion make sure the straps are not too thin across your shoulders. Thin straps will support small accordions well if they are good quality and padded, but it is not wise to use them with heavy accordions.
  • Is there a back strap? Another thing that adds to the comfort level of the straps is a back strap. A back strap provides more support than just the two shoulder straps. 
  • What does it look like? Okay so this doesn’t matter as much as the rest, but who doesn’t want to be stylish? Pick one that fits your style and compliments your accordion. There are many versatile accordion straps out there. 

In case you need the guidance, here is a tutorial on how to put on your accordion straps

Now, let’s get talk about a couple of great options for accordion straps.

Best Accordion Straps

Here, we will introduce you to a couple of great options for accordion straps. The first one will be a great pairing option with large accordions. The second will pair well with small to medium accordions.

MUSIC FIRST Black Genuine Leather Accordion Straps

These genuine black leather and velvet accordion straps work well for 96 and 120 key accordions. 

They are soft padded for maximum comfort and. Wide and durable, these leather straps are adjustable from 35” to 45” and their width gives extra support for your accordion.

Because of their length and adjustability taller people can use them with ease. 

Though the genuine leather is soft, the straps sit firmly in place without sliding around on your clothes.

And since they are tight fitting you can keep your according in the place you need it without constant re-adjusting. 

In addition to the shoulder straps, it comes with a back strap. The clasps on the back strap hold well and have been improved from previous models to increase your comfort level.

Having a back strap in addition to the shoulder straps will ensure that your accordion doesn’t move out of place, especially if you are standing or walking around for a long period of time.

You cannot get more classic than black. It’s sleek black style will fit with any accordion. See if it works with yours.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Thick Straps
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Padded


  • May not be small enough for shorter people 

Neotech Accordion Harness

These accordion straps can be used for small or medium accordions. Made in all black, the Neoteck has thin padded straps that are constructed neatly to easily fit your accordion.

But do not use them with large accordions as they will not be enough support. Because large straps can be too large for your smaller accordions, we thought it would be helpful to introduce you to some great smaller straps.

Neoteck accordion straps are constructed with non-skid elements so that your accordion will not slide around. These straps are adjustable from 31” to 55” and include two neo-loops that can be used to adjust the straps. 

An internal controlled stretch system is included in these straps for even more comfort. In addition, it comes with a non-skid inner surface to help keep your accordion in place.

Also included is a back strap making it an adjustable harness that can be adjusted from 4” to 14”.

The construction of these straps, including the back strap, help distribute the weight of your accordion to all the right places so that you do not feel a lot of strain in one place. 


  • Adjustable straps
  • Padded
  • Back Strap
  • Fits most small and medium accordions
  • Internal stretch system


  • Cannot adjust position of back strap

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