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You can’t have electronic drums without a great amp. It’s like playing a guitar that’s out of tune; it just doesn’t work and nobody wants to listen to it. 

Electronic drums do not naturally release that wall-penetrating sound that acoustic drums do. You may practice with headphones, but playing for an audience is a different story. What they hear is what is coming out of your amp.

Despite its peaceful allure, electronic drums are powerful machines and you need to pair it with the proper amp to transmit your music.

Without the proper amp, the quality of your drums doesn’t make a difference. Since your amp is the conduit for your music to reach your audience you don’t want cracks in that. 

 Hence, the importance of finding the best amp for electronic drums. 

Why is a good amp for electronic drums important?

To begin with, using an amp with electronic drums is inevitable. Because of its inevitability, you do not want it to be sub-par. You’re looking to wow your audience and your performance depends on the quality of your amp to do that.

You also want to have a great experience yourself. If you have a low quality amp that relays horrible sound with very little volume, you will easily lose focus and your music will suffer.

People who do what they love want to enjoy what they’re doing. Your experience will affect the overall experience your audience has.

A good amp also benefits you while you are practicing. It will give you a better feel on what the audience’s experience will be like.

Finding a good amp to begin with will save you from a messy live performance and give you a better experience during practice. 

The best amp is going to have options. From level of volume to connectivity, it is key to make sure the amp you get has all of the features you need for a great performance. 

What are some things you should look for?

What to look for in a good amp for electronic drums

Knowing what to look for will set you up with a nice start to finding the best amp. Good amps for electronic drums are not as easy to find as amps for other instruments such as the guitar, so it’s important to be picky.

  • Variety – To begin with, you want to make sure the amp you get offers a variety of sounds. Not all amps have the capability to do so. In addition, you need to make sure the quality of sound is up to your standards. 
  • Extra Features – Take a look at the extra features. If you need multiple ports, make sure your amp has that option. Is there a headphone jack? Are there inputs for adding your music?
  • Wattage – What is its wattage? The amount of wattage will determine the power your electronic drum set has. You need power to get a good sound. Also consider the size of room you will be performing in. Bigger room means higher wattage. 
  • Amp Size – The size of the amp also has to do with how big of a sound you need. The bigger the amp, the higher the wattage, which leads to more powerful output.
  • Volume – What are your volume options? Some amps provide multiple volume settings. Having options is important for the type of setting you play in. 
  • Equalizer – Does it have an equalizer? An equalizer gives you the ability to smoothly blend multiple music mixes. It is a handy tool.
  • Frequency Range – Make sure you look at the amps frequency range. Can it amplify high-pitched and low-end sounds, and do you need that wide of a range for your performance? 
  • Portability – Portability and durability are both necessary things to consider as well, especially if you are going to be playing gigs often. A compact, yet strong design will last. If you need it for just one stage, the size will not matter as much but its durability remains just as important.

Is it made for electronic drums? You may wonder whether or not you can use an electric guitar amp for your electronic drums.

In short, if you want to deliver the best sound to your audience, make sure the amp you are using is made to be used with electronic drums. 

Best Amp for Electronic Drums

Roland PM-200 Compact Electronic V-Drum Set Monitor, 180-Watt

Talk about power! The Roland PM-200 offers 180 watts of power, which drops an impressive sound output. It comes with a custom 12-inch speaker and horn tweeter.

Though it is constructed to fit Roland’s V-drum sets, you can use it with any type of drum set. 

Its versatility is what makes this electronic drums amp so attractive. This all-in-one monitor comes with two dedicated ¼” inputs for connecting other devices or playback instruments such as smart phones and music players.

It has independent controls dedicated for volume, line input, and EQ. Included is a 2-band equalizer for sound control so you can set the volume that’s right for you; and this amp is known for the massive sound it can put out.

It is one of the louder amps out there so it can be used for larger venues.

Sound clarity is crucial to your performance and on top of its massive volume capability, this amp has a great reputation for its clarity.

With an angled design it is specifically made to benefit the seated player. It delivers maximum sound output and comes with a bar handle to make transporting it easier.

The amp is around 50 lbs so the bar handle is definitely useful.


  • High Quality Sound
  • 180 Watts (Loud)
  • Versatile
  • Wedge Shape for better feedback


  • Heavy

KAT Percussion 50 Watt Amplifier

The KAT Percussion Amplifier is an amp that is typically used in smaller settings. It is great for use in the studio or if you are performing smaller gigs.

Some simply use it for practice. However you use it, it is built with durability and made to last. 

50 watts may not see like much, but this amp has a powerful punch. It transcends best in lower to mid-range frequencies. Since you are using it in smaller settings, you do not need the sound output to be really high.

 For a smaller amp, it has great sound clarity. Its quick responsiveness and clear amplification is one of the reasons so many people rave about it.

As a bonus, it is especially tuned for electronic drums.

Some of its features include 3-band EQ, three ¼” input for other instruments or sound sources, and a ⅛” input for external music sources. 

A handy feature on this amp is the indendentation on the knobs that allows you to use your drumsticks to turn them; just a little bit of an added convenience!

Beyond its knobs, the construction of this KAT amp is sturdy and comes with a handle for easier portability. It’s weight is around 40lbs so the handle is necessary.

It also has a wedge design so that it points directly to the seated musician. 


  • Easy set up
  • Specifically made for electronic drums
  • Indented rubber knobs 
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • 3 inputs
  • 3-band equalizer


  • Not ideal for larger settings

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