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Have you ever considered how much of a difference a good drum beater makes? If you still have the stock drum beater that came with your set, maybe it’s time to check out others. 

Your bass drum gets the most use out of every other part of your drum set which means your bass drum beater does as well.

It is your connection to your bass drum and the sound that comes out of the two colliding. Some people overlook its importance, but a good bass drum beater can make a world of difference for your music. 

When searching for the best drum beater for electronic drums, you have to be careful with the type of beater you get when it comes to electronic drums, especially if you have a mesh drum head.

We will go further into what types of drum beaters are available and which is best for electronic drums later in the article. Lets first discuss why a good drum beater is so important. 

Why is a good drum beater important?

Your bass drum is the leading drum in your drum kit. Because it is the drum that is used the most, it’s sound is ultra important. A crucial tool in producing the sound for your style of music is a good bass drum beater.

Drum beaters are made of different materials and come in different sizes, weights, and shapes. If you choose the wrong type of drum beater for your drum, you could damage your bass drum.

Depending on the material that your bass drum head is made out of, there are certain drum beaters you want to avoid.

For example, with a mesh head you do not want a felt drum beater as it is known to damage the bass drum head.

If you are somebody who plays in loud environments that tend to affect how people hear your bass drum, then having a great drum beater will prevent your sound from getting drowned out. 

A good bass drum isn’t just about material. It’s also about the weight and size which affects the type of sound it creates.

A good one for you may not be the choice another musician would make. You may want a deep, warm sound whereas another drummer may want a loud clapping sound.

So paying attention to the type of drum beater is important to your personal sound preferences

Overall, a good drum beater is important because it helps define your sound as an electronic drummer.

When you find one that you are comfortable with, you will be surprised at the difference in the feel and sound of your electronic drum set.

It’s important that every piece of your electronic drum set flows effortlessly and that most definitely includes the bass drum beater. 

What to look for in a Bass Drum Beater for Electronic Drums

  • Style – The drum beater you choose will depend on the style of music you play. There are hard and soft bass drum beaters. If you are looking for that loud clapping sound, you are going to want a hard bass drum beater. If you are looking for a warm, softer sound the soft drum beater will be a better option. 
  • Material – Your options here depend on the sound you want. With an electronic drum set, the best option is a plastic drum beater. Plastic drum beaters have a great life-span and will not damage your drum head like felt will. With the clear attack of plastic drum beaters, your audience will hear you loud and clear. There are soft drum beaters for a lighter sound if that is what you are looking for or if you need to keep the noise down while practicing. Just make sure it is not felt! It is helpful to find a two sided plastic drum beater with the option of adjustable weights. This way you get to choose how much of an impact you want the beater to make when it hits your bass drum.
  • Durability – It needs to have a good reputation for durability so make sure it has quality material to prevent from quick wear and tear. 
  • Self-Aligning – This is not something you absolutely need, but it does make things easier for you. Self-aligning bass drum beaters are becoming more common than they used to be. If you can find a drum beater that is self-aligning, it’s a great feature to have. We will be sure to add a self-aligning bass drum beater in our suggestion of the best beaters!

Best Bass Drum Beater for Electronic Drums

Drum workshop produces great quality drum beaters with excellent life spans. The two mentioned here will both be from Drum Workshop.

Drum Workshop Two Way Bass Drum Beater ( DWSM101 )

As listed in the name this bass drum beater is a two way beater. One side is plastic and the other is felt. Most drum beaters come double sided, but with your electronic drums you need to use the plastic side of this drum beater.

The quality of this drum beater is top of the line giving it a long life span. 

The DWSM101 drum beater has an excellent rebound and makes that loud crack many drummers look for. You have the convenience of adjustable weights with a variety of weight options.

Adjustable weights are a great addition if you are playing different types of music from gig to gig or during a single gig; and the weights on this beater can be changed out within as little as 20 seconds.

A great feature to mention is its ability to self-aline. This feature makes it easier for you to set the beater perfectly for your style of music.

In addition, it is lightweight so you can play fast beats with ease. Having a solid drum beater like this two-way beater will give your music a bump up in sound quality. 


  • Adjustable Weights
  • Great Quality
  • Self-alining
  • Quick Response 


  • Can be a little large for electronic drums

Drum Workshop Flyweight Bass Drum Beater ( DWSM107 )

This bass drum beater is also two sided, but both sides are plastic. One side is a heavier weighted plastic for a more dramatic sound and the other side is made lighter to give you the option of a more subtle sound. 

Because of its innovative construction which includes slots that have been cut out to decrease its weight, you will find that it has a very quick response and contributes to better pedal control.

Furthermore, it’s lightweight material gives you the advantage of not wearing yourself out as quickly during a lengthy gig. Don’t let its lightweight fool you into thinking it doesn’t have power.

This drum beater can pack a punch.

Beyond the head of the beater, it has a steel shaft and a height adjustable weight so that you can adjust it to fit the feel you prefer; this includes 4 separate weights to choose from.

Its durability is top of the line and it will work for any electronic drum player no matter what genre you play. 

Even with long-term heavy playing, the quality of this bass drum beater will last a long time. 


  • Dual Sided
  • Pedal Control
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Weights
  • Quick Response


  • Some drummer complain that they are bulky 

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