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You may have found that it is not easy to find an electronic drum kit that supports double bass. If you have an acoustic set, no problem, but electronic drums are more compact making it a bit of a challenge to play double bass with them. 

Electronic drum kits are becoming more common these days, which means that more options for double bass will surely pop up.

Until then, we have to work with what is available. The purpose of this article is to lead you in the direction of the best electronic drum kits for double bass. 

Our goal is to make it easier for you to determine what you want in your e-kit before you buy it. We want to help you get started so take this article as a shortcut.

We have researched which electronic drum kits work best for the seeking double bass player.

Why does the type of Electronic Drum Kit matter for Double Bass?

Lets face it, drums are not the easiest instrument to play. In fact, many people will argue that it is the most difficult instrument to learn.

After all, you are using your entire body to play, with your feet and your hands playing at different tempos most of the time. There is a lot of focus and coordination going on the entire time you are playing. 

When it comes to double bass, you are increasing the already difficult task of playing the drums by adding one extra beat to the mix.

If you just go out and buy any type of drum kit, you may be setting yourself up for a rough time. Not all electronic drum kits are made to specifically support double bass.

The last thing you want is to have to rig your kit to fit double bass and end up with a mess. 

One common problem you may find is the size of your bass drum.

Since not all e-kits are made for playing double bass, some of them come with bass drums that are too small to accommodate double bass.

Hence, the importance of finding the correct type of electronic drum kit. 

There are certain music genres like metal and hard rock that cannot use single bass. With the ultra fast tempo required for genres like metal and hard rock, single bass cannot keep up. 

Since electronic drums are becoming more common, chances are many drummers in these genres are playing on or transitioning to electronic drums.

You may be one of those. The type of kit you find for double bass is important to your reputation as a drummer. It is the most frequently played drum in your set, therefore it needs to be dependable. 

The biggest thing to focus on is whether or not the kit easily supports double bass.   

What to look for in an Electronic Drum Kit for Double Bass

It’s important to know what to look for before beginning your search so lets go over what you need to know while looking. 

Above all else, you need to make sure whatever kit you get is made with great quality material. Since you are using double bass, you know that your kit is going to get a lot of extra use. The better the build, the longer it will last.

  • Kick Pad – It’s a good idea to make sure your kit is compatible with different drum pads. With double bass you typically want to have a large drum pad (at least large enough to support double bass). In addition, the quality of your kick pad is crucial. It is being beat two-fold, which means you want one that can handle double the impact without wearing down quickly. 
  • Machine Gunning – As an electronic drum player, you have probably heard of this term. It means that the notes sound quick and robotic because the module is triggering the exact same simple with each beat of the drum. This is something you do not want, so make sure the kit you find is not known for this. 
  • Double Bass Pedal – If you want your electronic drums to produce great sound, you need a quality double bass pedal. This means finding one that is sturdy and can handle speed and impact. You also need to make sure it has great control and responsiveness. Most e-kits do not come with bass pedals, but a few do. 

For your convenience, the first electronic drum kit listed below is one that does come with the option of a double bass pedal. 

Best Electronic Drum Kit for Double Bass

Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set

This electronic drum kit was conveniently designed to be played with double bass. Drummers of any skill level can play these electronic drums because of it’s simple design.

Being that it is so user friendly it doesn’t come with a bunch of extra features, but this makes it easy to figure out on the fly. 

It has a bass drum pad, which is a bonus because you cannot find this option with all e-kits. The pad is very responsive so you will be able to clearly hear every beat you play on your double bass. 

The pad isn’t as large as some others, but it gives you enough space to play double bass without taking up too much space in your playing area. The size makes this kit ideal for smaller practicing spaces like apartments. 

What’s most attractive about this kit for double bass players compared to others is that it comes with double bass pedals. With most kits you have to buy the pedals separately so this is a great all in one kit. 

Other features include:

  • 15 presets
  • 256 notes of polyphony 
  • Built in metronome
  • Dual-ply mesh heads with tension adjustability 


  • Simple Design
  • Space Saving Bass Drum Pad
  • Mesh Pads


  • Not many extra features

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Alesis is known for the durability and size of their pads. This kit is a great option for double bass players. It comes with a 10” snare, 8” toms, and 8” kicik pads. 

Large and sturdy, the bass on this kit works well for double bass players. It has tunable mesh heads so that you can customize its playing response and sensitivity.

The cool part about this feature is that you can create a sound that is close to the sound of an acoustic drum set. 

This electronic drum kit comes with quite a few extra features. It comes with 24 presets and space to add some of your own kits.

There are 385 available sounds that you can play around with and 60 tracks to practice with. 

It has great connectivity, which includes a built-in sequencer as well as USB and MIDI/Input and Output capability. It also has an easy to use module.

The Alesis Surge is a kit that can be played by drummers of all skill levels. It is simple to set up, yet comes with plenty of extra features to explore. It’s durable and dependable.


  • Dual-Zone Drumheads
  • Mesh Heads
  • Great Quality 
  • Lots of Sounds
  • Good Bass Drum Size


  • To stop is a couple of inches from the top of the deck, which may be difficult for people with large feet

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