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Originally made for practice, electronic drums have come a long way. More and more musicians are using electronic drums for on-stage performances.

With modern advances in electronic drum sets you can give your audience the same quality of experience as they get with acoustic drums, but with the addition of electronic capabilities. 

From their ultra responsive pads to their handy trigger technology, electronic drums are modern day gems. Whether you plan to use them for practice or live performance you can find a set fit for your specific needs.

There is constant improvement in the quality of electronic drum sets as well as the type of features made available to you. 

Finding the best electronic drum set for a modern drummer like yourself is about expanding your tonal palette while being able to practice quietly in any setting.

Finding a drum set that compliments your music and provides you with an array of quality sound choices will make quite a bit of difference.

But before we discuss the best ones, let’s go over the appeal of electronic drums to the modern day drummer and discuss what you need to look for.

Why buy electronic drums in the first place?

Electronic drum sets are conveniently smaller than acoustic sets. For this reason, even if you have a smaller living space you should have room for them. Their compact size makes storage and portability easier. 

Speaking of portability, the fact that they are very light weight makes them very easy to lug from one gig to the next. The same cannot be said for acoustic drums.

Not only are they small and portable, but electronic drum sets are quiet. You will get some sound from the foot pedal, but when you are jamming out to your favorite song, you do not have to worry about noise complaints.

All you have to do is put on a set of headphones and it’s just you and the music. 

Chances are you are going to want to record your music.

Electronic drum sets give you the ability to record and store your music.

Most of these modern drums conveniently come with USB and MIDI capability.

Higher end sets will give you bluetooth capabilities as well as many more additional connectivity options. 

The audio is much easier to control with electronic drums than with acoustic. This makes live performances a breeze.

Some might find it intimidating that there is a lot of technology to learn with these drums, but with today’s technology things are more simplified than they used to be.

You can make your music unique to your specific style with the amount of additive options electronic drum sets give you.  What more can you ask for as a modern drummer? 

What to look for in an electronic drum set

We have discussed the why so let’s talk about the what. In order to buy the best set for you,  you need to know what features to look for. 

  • Rubber vs. Mesh – These are the two different types of pads you can get. Mesh pads resemble the pads on acoustic drums for those looking for more traditional sounds. Rubber is more compact and durable, but can cause more strain on your wrists. Many beginner electronic drum sets come with rubber pads, but finding a set with mesh pads is your best option.
  • Feel and Response – Electronic drum sets have a different feel than acoustic sets. The response is quicker and control settings make it easier for you to find the right feel and sound for your music. Make sure the drum set you choose has the right feel for you.
  • Positioning Unlike acoustic sets which have separate stands for each component, electronic drum sets are placed on a rack. You want to find a drum set that is easy to maneuver so you can set it up to fit your stature. 
  • Sounds – Sound options are important. Some sets are limited, but you can find ones that allow you to create your own sounds. Look for sets that have an expanded interface. 
  • Connectivity With enough connectivity, you have the option to expand your drum set. As a modern drummer, this is a great option to have since modern music is always coming up with new demands. You also want to make sure you can connect to software that allows you to practice with your favorite music as well as record your own. 
  • Coach Function – This is an excellent feature if you are just starting to learn electronic drums. It includes on-board tutorial functions for easy learning. 

Best Electronic Drum Set for Modern Drummers

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit

This get is great for beginners or intermediate players. Alesis is a brand known for providing excellent quality drum sets.

Even for a beginners kit, you will not find sub-par material.  It may not have all of the advanced options of a professional set, but it has many options nonetheless.

To begin with, it comes with mesh heads. As mentioned before, many beginner electronic drum sets come with rubber heads, but not this one.

With this nitro mesh kit, you get the authentic drumming experience that any modern drum player seeks. 

It has an 8 piece configuration and an all black sleek design. Included in its kit are educational features so that you can play along with different tracks and learn as you go.

These features are beneficial even to the intermediate player. 

Its connectivity includes AUX input and USP MIDI capability, with the connecting cables included. You have 385 sound options and 60 play along tracks.

In addition, you get a hi-hat controller pedal as well as a kick pedal, four tunable drum pads, and 3 cymbal pads. You are not likely to get bored with this set!


  • Simple Editing
  • Mesh Heads
  • Decent Set-up
  • Great beginner Kit


  • Drum Pads and Kick Pads are a little small

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set

Options galore! This advanced kit pulls out all the stops. Roland, a popular brand among musicians, continues to improve its electronic drums sets by adding more features and higher quality options. 

The fact that it is v-drums alone should tip your interest. Any modern drum player is going to know the popularity of the Roland v-drums. 

This is a 5 piece set that has bigger mesh pads to give you a more authentic drumming experience. With a triple layered snare and double-layered toms, it has high-end build quality and the feel of the mesh pads is superb.

It is aesthetically beautiful with its modern vibe. You get the look and feel of acoustic drums with the added effect that electronic drums have to offer. 

What about that module? Hello connectivity! Its many features include USB and MIDI capability, PureAcoustic Reverb Technology, Wireless Bluetooth Streaming, EQ, Compressor, and more. For education purposes, it has a built-in metronome for learning and practicing.

The sounds that come with the module are equally impressive. You get 100 drum kits with 55 presets and 728 sounds. 

The Ronald TD-27 KV V-Drums Set is highly recommended by many and worth checking out if you are serious about becoming a pro.


  • SD Card slot
  • Tons of Connectivity
  • Larger pads
  • Built-in Audio Interface
  • Numerous Effects Controls
  • Great Build-Quality


  • Takes time to learn all of its features

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