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Using a synth for bass is becoming an increasingly popular way in many genres of music to add texture and depth to music.

Working with oscillators and filters among many other effects, you can use a synth to fatten the tone of your music. 

How does it do that?

By releasing an electrical signal, a moog synth allows you to modify your music in ways that are not otherwise possible.

All synths have at least two oscillators, which gives you the ability to stack sound waves, fattening the tone of your music.

In addition, you can use the oscillators to take non-synth sounds and manipulate them.

The filters are there to shape the tone of the sound coming from the oscillators. In unison, they make some pretty awesome sounds. 

Of course, this day and age, there isn’t just one moog synth available for bass players.

Moog synth creators are continuously working on upgrading their synths with better features for a bigger experience.

First we will talk about what a moog synth can do for you as a bass player, then we will take a look at the best Moog Synth for bass players. 

Why use a Moog Synth for Bass?

The Moog Synth  set precedent for all other synths to follow. The way in which it was crafted was a huge advancement in the world of synths.

And the beginning of deeper sonic sound exploration. It wasn’t the very first synthesizer to exist, but it made synthesizers all the rage by reaching new levels of sound manipulation. 

Knowing how to use a Moog Synth will make you a sought after musician, especially with certain genres of music.

Being a bass player alone gives you an advantage with the moog synth because you already know how to play lines and voicings. Your knowledge as a bass player will help you transition easily. 

What makes the Moog Synth so attractive?

Other than the fact that it is one of the original synthesizers, there are no shortcuts in the production of this instrument.

It is durable, portable, and reliable. The Moog Synth is reputable in quality.

All of the Moog Synths available are crafted to give you a realm of possibilities in sound manipulation.

By offering quick and easy use of controls, any moog synth is going to appeal to bass players. 

Beyond the obvious perks of a Moog Synth is the ethic behind it. Bob Moog is the inventor of this historical icon. His work set the standard for the Moog synthesizers we know and love today.

The creators of today’s versions of the Moog Synth are constantly looking for new ways to upgrade this already popular synthesizer and they have proven to be successful in every new model they create.

Moog Synths may be popular, but they are far from conventional. 

There has been so much advancement over the years, but even the original Moog Synth cannot be downplayed. It is truly timeless and one of the favorites among famous musicians.

So chances are that anybody who has heard music has heard the many sounds of a Moog Synth. Its performance is hard to ignore.

What to look for in a Moog Synth for Bass

  • What are its features? Different synths have different parameters. The synth you choose will depend on what sounds you are wanting to make.
    • What type of Oscillator does it have? 
    • Does it have just ADSR or does it extend beyond that?
    • What type of filters does it have? 
  •  Flexibility and Variety – Some moog synths are simpler than others, meaning less options for easier use. It all comes down to preference.
  • Built-in sequencer – If you are new or semi-experienced with synthesizers, it is a good idea to find a moog synth that has a built in-sequencer. This will record your melody into the on-board memory leaving you hands free to tweak your music. 
  • Easy access –  Some synths are quite large, so make sure the one you choose isn’t so big that you are unable to easily transport and store it. 
  • Built-in Speaker – These are helpful, especially if you are just starting out. It requires less outside equipment. It’s also more convenient than having to use headphones every time. 

Best Moog Synth for Bass

Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

The Moog Grandmother Synthesizer is definitely worth checking out. This is a fully analog synthesizer. It’s controls and sound can be compared to the classic Moog Synth.

It is not overly complex so bass players at any skill level can use it; and it is compact so it is easy to transport and store. 

It’s color-scheme provides a neat retro look and makes it easy to identify different sections. With endless reconfiguration, you will experience the many possibilities of the sonic realm.

This synthesizer is not polyphonic, but do not let that discourage you. The Moog Grandmother will turn your bass into an impressive sound machine. You have two oscillators available to you with a range of wave-forms.

Intentionally made with simplicity, you cannot go wrong with this Moog synthesizer. You get to achieve that vintage Moog sound with a modernized Moog instrument.

It has that desirable original 60’s sound; And with so many options for sound manipulation, it will give you the experience you need to learn more complex sound combinations.

This synth’s durability along with it’s 32 note professional key-bed will not disappoint. 


  • Easy to use Arpeggiator and Sequencer
  • Semi-modular – no patching required
  • Dual Oscillators
  • Great Quality 
  • ASDR Envelope Filter
  • High Pass and LFO Filtering


  • Limited physical key range
  • No presets

This impressive matriarchal synthesizer is made to open the door synth into the world of synthesizers. As a bass player, you will experience why the Moog is such a desired instrument. 

Moog Minitaur Bass Synthesizer

This synthesizer may be small, but there is so much underneath this miniature instrument. Though it may seem basic, appearances can be deceiving.

What is exciting about this Moog Synth is that it has the availability of presets; It can recall and save up to 128 presets. 

You will find that it has a hardy design with clear controls. The knobs and buttons are smooth and easy to use and it  has a one knob per function format.

The front panel provides access to quick and easy manipulation. 

It’s size allows for easy integration into your work space or kit bag.

The control set is made for bass sounds only, not going above C4. This is one of the reasons that this synthesizer is a great option for a bass player. It embodies the essence of bass.

The Moog Minitaur provides an exhilarating experience through its ability to truly embody what bass should sound like. It delivers a huge sound and a serious amount of bass.

It’s hard to think of something so small creating such a big sound, but this Moog Minitaur is a monster of a synthesizer.

If you want a solid bottom end to your musical pieces, this moog synthesizer can do that for you.


  • Onboard Presets
  • Free Editor Software
  • 5 New Modulation Sources
  • Hard Sync
  • Quality Sound
  • Analog and MIDI Control


  • No on/off switch

With its wall-splitting bass, this easy to use synthesizer is a great candidate for any bass player.

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