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When you’re setting up for worship, the atmosphere is important. Part of setting up the proper atmosphere is having the right equipment to do so.

Without proper equipment and the right sound, the focus will go from worship to wondering what the awful sound is. The last thing you want during worship is to take away from your audience’s experience and focus. 

A multi-effects pedal simplifies the use of your guitar.

Instead of having to worry about your notes traveling through multiple channels to create with the sound you want, a multi-effects pedal is an all in one package.

It processes digital algorithms right then and there. It also has an abundance of effect options so that you can create the perfect vibe for your worship music. 

With a multi-effects pedal, you can create the sound of multiple different stompboxes. Depending on the one you get, you have the option of tens to hundreds of effects.

As you know worship music is always changing and so are the effects you use to set the mood. With the save settings and presets available in a multi-effects pedal your options are many.

But what is the best multi-effects pedal for worship? 

Though there isn’t a pedal specifically made for worship, there are certain ones that work well for a worship guitarist.

But first, why use a multi-effects pedal? What do you need to look for?

Why use a multi-effects pedal for worship?

There is the inevitable debate on whether a multi-effects pedal is better than using individual pedals, but in this article we are discussing how using a multi-effects pedal is beneficial for you as a worship guitarist.

One of the most obvious answers is that you need the best and most convenient equipment for the job.

Having an all in one pedal is definitely less messy than having to worry about using the right pedal at the right time and keeping track of tons of equipment. 

Delivering clean and clear tone is important as a worship guitarist. Your role is to provide support to your worship leader.

Having a multi-effects pedal will give you the ability to adjust your sound to support your leader as needed. With so many options to work with, you will find the perfect set of tones to compliment your leader and the rest of the team. 

Depending on your experience the sounds you create can go from your most basic sounds to deeper and more complex tones.

If you are a beginner with this type of pedal, start simple and you will learn as you go; you can always add more effects later.

It’s just good to know that you have options.

Of course, with worship you don’t want to go too crazy with your sound, but a multi-effects pedal can definitely enhance your experience by encompassing the room with the tones you create. 

What to look for in a Multi-Effects Pedal for worship

  • Types of effects – Think about what effects you plan to use. You don’t need hundreds of effects if you’re only going to use a few of them. Think about which ones will suit the type of worship music you play. 
  • Connectivity – Some multi-effects pedals have extra connectivity available. Consider how much connectivity you need before purchasing the best pedal for you. Some multi-effects pedals have the options to link apps on your mobile device, which adds to your options.
  • Parameters per patch – You want a pedal that gives you a wide variety of parameters per patch, but you also don’t want so many that it is too overwhelming. There is such a thing as too many options. You want options as a worship guitarist, but you do not want complicated ones. 
  • Portability – As with any effects pedal portability is important, especially if you travel often for worship. Compact multi-effects pedals are easier to transport, so keep that in mind when looking for the best one. 
  • Interface – You do not want a messy and confusing interface. Is it easily readable and simple to use or does it look like a jumble of controls? Simplicity is your friend here. As a worship guitarist you need clear controls. 
  • Power – Some multi-effects pedals have more power than others.The size of building you play in will depend on how powerful you need your pedal to be. You want the sound to fill the room and contribute to a memorable worship experience. 

Best Multi-Effects Pedal for Worship

BOSS GT-100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal

Boss has a notable reputation in the quality of their products. This multi-effects pedal is no exception.

The Boss GT-100 is loaded with effects and has the addition of AIRD. From input to output, you will get the full experience of a truly unique instrument with this pedal. 

It’s easy to use interface makes it ideal for a worship guitarist looking for a multi-effects pedal that isn’t over complicated.

It offers easy editing and manual mode that mimics traditional pedal boards. You will also find that it has the exciting addition of USB connectivity.

Other features include excellent use of MIDI control, dual screens, excellent initial sound, automatic off switch after 10 hours, a built in looper, and free downloadable software.

It also comes with a multitude of other specs

With it’s easily constructed manual, figuring out all of its features will not be a tedious task. If you have ever used any form of pedal before, you know that manuals can be really long and difficult to get through.

This one consists of only 60’s pages, which is considerably less than most. All around, ease of use is the best way to have it.


  • Advanced COSM amps
  • USB connectability 
  • MIDI control
  • Great build quality
  • Free Software
  • Dual Screens


  • No memory expansion
  • Looper is lacking

HeadRush Pedalboard

This multi-effects pedal is very aesthetically appealing. It’s sleek and colorful as well as portable. It isn’t small for a pedal, but its durability makes it easy to take on the road if needed.

With it’s 7 inch easy to use touchscreen, you are getting great technological quality. As a worship guitarist, you need solid control over your pedal; its touchscreen helps you easily control even the more complex settings.

This isn’t just your usual multi-effects pedal. It comes with an expressions pedal, a built-in-looper, IR support, and USB Audio connectivity.

Moreover, it includes an array of amps, cab emulations, stomboxes, and mics. You also have the option to operate this pedal hands free.

Of course, features don’t matter if the sound quality is lacking.

That is not the case with the Headrush. It has excellent sound quality that will contribute to the worship experience you are wanting to help create with your team.

The Headrush comes with a steel chassis with excellent durability.

For a cleaner look, the chassis is made so that you can feed your cables through the bottom.

With its LED lights and vibrant colors that help you identify each of the 12 footswitches, your onstage worship performance will not suffer. 


  • 7” Touch Screen
  • LED/OLED lights
  • Audio Interface
  • Easy to modify parameters
  • Built-in-looper with 20 minutes of record time
  • Four cable mode
  • Expression Pedal

There really isn’t anything negative to say about this advanced multi-effects pedal.

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