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Acoustic guitars have a beautifully organic sound and if you are into playing the acoustic guitar, chances are you have explored beyond just the guitar and the pick.

Using an octave pedal greatly enhances the already natural musical tones of an acoustic guitar. Have you checked out octave pedals lately? There are so many options! 

Which one should you choose? What is the best octave pedal for an acoustic guitar?

Pedals in general add so much depth and range to your music. Beyond the variety of pedals you have individuality in each type of pedal. 

What is it that makes octave pedals intriguing for acoustic guitar players? 

Why use an octave pedal for an acoustic guitar?

Not all acoustic guitar players want the traditional woody sound of the acoustic guitar, but are looking to deepen the tone of their music.

If this is you and you are looking for a more assertive sound or to add some bass to your music, the octave pedal is something you might want to check out.

But before we explore why using an octave pedal will benefit you any further, let’s take a look at some other types of pedals.

There is a wide variety of pedals that can be utilized by acoustic guitar lovers and each of these pedals have a specific purpose to help enhance your musical experience. 

Types of pedals you may have used or heard of:

  1. Pitch Pedal – A pitch pedal allows you to change the octave to go up or down only slightly
  2. Reverb Pedal – This adds reverb to your guitar so that it does not sound dull/flat in rooms that do not provide the proper setting for quality reverb
  3. Chorus Pedal – The chorus pedal creates the perception that multiple people are playing at once when it’s only you
  4. Distortion Pedal – You can distort the sound of your music with this pedal. Take a listen to some heavy metal music to get an idea of how a distortion pedal is used. 

Any pedal will change the perception of the sound of your musical arrangement when you play your guitar, octave pedal included.

Why use an octave pedal for an acoustic guitar?

  • It gives you a bigger sound and great bass. If you are playing in a large area, the octave pedal will widen the reach of your guitar’s sound as well as add the heavy sound you may be looking for.
  • Though similar to a pitch pedal, an octave pedal broadens your range by giving you ability to stretch your notes 12 or more octaves.
  • You can modify your original tone or create an entirely new tone.
  • You can choose your octave pedal depending on what you want your acoustic guitar to do. Some octave pedals allow you to play several notes at the same time. You can find one that fits your type of music and personality. If you want to get a little wild with it, you can find an octave pedal that allows you to amp up your style. There are pedals that will simply take your octave up or down if you are not looking for the added special features. 
    • Take a listen to Jimi Hindrix. His sound technician designed a pedal such as this called “Octavia” that gave him the ability to play his music one octave higher or one octave lower.

What to look for in a good octave pedal for an acoustic guitar

  • How well does it control tone? 
    •  Tone control is important. If your octave pedal is all over the place with tone you are not going to be able to create the sound you want.
  • Does it provide you with a variety of sound options as well as quality sound? 
    • If you are looking for a pedal with many sound changes, make sure that is part of the octave pedal you choose. Not all pedals have a wide range. Quality is important as well, so find an octave pedal that produces great sound.
  • Do you need it for home or work? 
    • Different pedals are made for different settings. If you are using it for work, you are most likely going to want to find an advanced octave pedal
  • Is it easy to use?
    • Some pedals can be large making them difficult to use
  • What quality is the material? 
    • Avoid pedals with low-quality material. You want it to last.

Best Octave Pedal for Acoustic Guitar?

If you’re looking for the right octave pedal for use with an acoustic guitar, the following products may prove a good place from which to start your search.

BOSS OC-3 Electronic Keyboard Pedal or Footswitch (OC3)

Trying to figure out the ins and outs of a new pedal can be tricky, but this octave pedal is not complex and does it’s job well.

It is the world’s first octave pedal made with polyphonic octave effects. This means you can play several notes simultaneously and gives a wider range for error, which will ease your mind when you are playing more than just a single melody.

The Boss OC-3 is known for it’s bass sound, which contributes to a better distortion and provides better sustain to your notes.

With this pedal, you can go down one or two octaves, which is why it is most suitable for anyone looking to create excellent bass. It is known to create a really cool sound, taking your music to the next level.

The fact that it has a 5 year warranty is a great indicator that it is a good quality pedal.

If it breaks within that 5 years, you get a new one so you can make the investment without worrying about the risk. 

It is universal so it will work for pretty much any acoustic guitar player wanting to explore that deep bass sound. 

Check it out and see if it’s right for you.


  • Comes with 3 modes
    • Polyphonic Octave Mode
    • A Drive Mode with Distortion
    • Original OC-2 Mode
  • 5 year warranty


  • Low battery life

Electro-Harmonix MICRO POG Polyphonic Octave Generator Guitar Effects Pedal with Power Supply

This pedal is pleasing to the eye and music to your ears. It is easy to use without the need for constant adjusting and known for producing beautiful sound; who doesn’t want that? 

The Electro-Harmonix is excellent at catching the notes you want it to and gives you the ability to easily play any notes you wish.

One great feature about it is the simplicity of it’s settings. You can choose what settings you want and it responds perfectly.

If you want to change the tone of your acoustic guitar, this is an excellent pedal to have for that specific use. It can make your guitar sound like an entirely different guitar.

You have so many sound options to explore. You can knock the roof off with the sounds you can make!

Although this pedal has many features, the appeal is that you do not have to be a professional to use it. It is very user friendly.

So if you are looking for an octave pedal that has leaves nothing out, check out this adaptable pedal.


  • Polyphonic fast tracking
  • Adjustable pitch volume
  • Makes it easy to turn your guitar into bass 
  • Excellent sound
  • It can make your guitar sound like a 12 string


  • May be tempermental tonal with control voicing

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