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So you have played violin for a short while and now you understand the basics of how to hold your instrument, how to get it to respond to your movements, but now you want more.

There are plenty of situations where you can benefit from additional lessons and you don’t necessarily have to pay for them. Free online violin lessons for intermediate players are a wonderful option.

But there are an awful lot of websites out there each claiming to offer the same value for free and knowing which are really worth your time can be difficult.

That is why we put together this guide to compare the free options out there versus the paid options so that you can figure out which will help you take your violin skills to the next level.

Who should use free online violin lessons?

Anyone can benefit from extra lessons but this is especially true of intermediate-level players.

There are plenty of cases where students might reach an intermediate level and now they need a little bit of extra help outside of a music classroom setting or perhaps their music teacher has moved and they no longer have access to a trained tutor for one-on-one practice sessions.

No matter the situation, everyone can benefit from more lessons. 

The key is to find violin lessons online that start where you are at the musician and help move you forward.

It’s simply a waste of time to start with lessons that are designed for beginners or with lessons claiming to be intermediate level which are far below your skill-set.

Should I use free lessons or pay for online lessons?

The violin is a very demanding instrument and it requires a lot of practice in order to become competent.

If you want to improve upon your skills you can find online courses that will teach you everything you want to learn and you can customize your lessons based on your intermediate level of experience.

The question then comes down to whether it’s worth paying for resources online or using free resources.

The old adage that you get what you pay for does remain true in most situations.

That means classes you pay for might give you access to more specificity, advanced techniques or access to more complicated songs but that doesn’t mean you have to pay in order to get good quality.

You just have to know where to look.


There are some excellent paid resources online. Masterclass is a very popular platform today we’re experts in respective Fields teach a virtual Master Class.

The average cost is around $100 but there are regular deals that go on all year round.

For violin, the master class is taught by a Grammy award-winning violinist, Itzhak Perlman.

He currently teaches at the Juilliard School but he has 19 separate violin lessons as part of this master class.

There are some situations where you can get the class for free depending on the deal that is happening so if that’s something you are interested in you should keep your eyes peeled for discounts and promotions offered by the master class site.

Violin Lab

Violin lab is a website that gives you access to a database of online lessons and they are divided on the homepage by beginners, intermediate students, and advancing students so as an intermediate player you can search specifically for those lessons which qualify as the intermediate level.

When you use this resource you get 24 hour access 7 days a week to all of the courses in your program which in this case would be the intermediate program.

The total library has well over 600 videos from multiple sources.

At the intermediate level you get access to sheet music that you can download and audio files that go with that music.

They have a very large library and you get exclusive access where you can upload a video of yourself playing one of the songs and other musicians and teachers will give you feedback.

Concurrently you can participate in discussions yourself about what methods are best and what music you want to play. 

One of the best things about this particular resource is that you do pay a one time fee but there are no recurring charges so you can start with the one time fee and then all other lessons are free thereafter and as you move through the curriculum you can decide whether you want to continue using it or not.

Violin Lounge

Violin Lounge is a website that is completely free with no fees whatsoever and gives you access to over 250 online lessons.

It’s run by a classically trained violinist and music teacher from the Netherlands.

She is very passionate about helping her students learn everything about the violin including simple things like how to choose the right case, how to hold the bow, how to clean the strings, and everything else.

On this website you get access to her classical and modern techniques and a large library of videos that will help you expound upon bow techniques, achieving vibrato, and getting the right intonation for your intermediate level.

She offers advice on this site for the types of violins that might suit your growing musical needs and what the differences are between these so that you are informed when you make future decisions about the type of music you want to play, the genre, and what instruments or accessories might help you the most.

It’s a very informative space that offers more than just lessons on how to play specific music but offers a comprehensive look at playing the violin in general.


This is another free website that is divided into resources and online lessons for beginners, intermediate players, and advancing violinist so as an intermediate player you can get access to one-on-one interactions, detailed videos on common issues you might encounter at this level of skill and how to overcome them, the history of the violin, certain bad habits that you may have formed along the way that you don’t realize, and more.

The site is run by a professional musician and violin teacher. 

Free online violin lessons for intermediate players

Now that you know the top free online violin lessons for intermediate musicians, you need to ensure you have the right violin.

Perhaps you have borrowed a student violin until this point and are now looking to purchase your own with which to try these free online lessons, or perhaps it’s simply time to invest in a new violin because you have reached a new level of skill.

In any case, we have compiled some information on the top products out there for intermediate level musicians so that you can find something that will really help you make the most out of these free online lessons.

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size By Kennedy Violins – Carrying Case and Accessories Included – Solid Maple Wood and Ebony Fittings

As an intermediate level player, this is a full-size violin that will replace all of the accessories you may already have.

However, if you’ve been relying upon a rented or student instrument, you might not have accessories like extra shoulder rests, string polishing cloths, or extra string sets which this provides.

The violin is assembled and ready to go when you get it so you can start playing your free online lessons immediately.

It’s handcrafted with high-quality materials including a spruce top and maple sides and back which are the most common materials for high-quality violins.

The fittings are made with Ebony and the entire violin is completed with a satin oil finish that gives it a chocolate brown color with hints of red.

The strings that come with it are decent for intermediate players and a good quality, and you also get replacement strings as mentioned in case they break.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • Comes with high quality Prelude strings
  • Includes bow, rosin, polishing cloth, case, and shoulder rest
  • Perfect for intermediate looking for warm, sweet sound without excess volume


  • Chocolate brown and red varnish, which not everyone likes
  • The shoulder rest is not the highest quality and it is prone to cracking

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit – 4/4 Size

This is another great option for intermediate players who are trying to improve upon their skills.

This model uses high-quality materials for intermediate level players including the ebony fittings and fingerboard, the hand carved Spruce top, the maple body, all of which uses quality craftsmanship to put everything together.

The violin comes with the famous Prelude strings which is one of the preferred sets of strings for students.

It is a lightweight design so it won’t be too heavy while you’re holding it and it has a comfortably shaped chin rest that makes it even better when practicing for long periods of time.

It gives good pliability and tonal quality with extra features like a case in which you find a hygrometer so you can make sure that the humidity levels are never too extreme.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • Comes with everything you need to play immediately including a bow, rosin, and case. 
  • Has a hygrometer in the case to make sure there is no excess humidity
  • Ebony fittings and fingerboard
  • D’Addario prelude strings
  • Lightweight with a comfortable chin rest


  • You will have to tune it more often than advanced designs
  • Some say the pegs slip more often than usual which contributes to the tuning instability

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