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If you have a viola and you need new strings or are simply looking around so that you know which strings to buy when it comes time to replace what you have, there are many brands to consider one of which is the Jargar strings. 

Your needs as a musician are important. For example: the strings perfect for a bluegrass viola player might not work for a classical player.

Certain violas respond better to specific strings than others. Strings naturally vary in their responsiveness, volume, playability and sound.

To that end, knowing whether Jargar viola strings are right for you requires a bit of understanding as to what type of music you want to play, how your instrument responds to steel core strings, and so on. 

To help you make a decision we’ve put together a Jargar viola strings review to go over the situations where these strings are best suited and the situations where they are not. 

For whom is this product useful?

It is important to remember that there is no single type of viola string that is best for everyone.

Each instrument reacts differently to different brands.

What sounds great on one instrument might sound too bright or too dull on another. 

That said, there are ample situations where these products are most useful.

Non-classical performers who need a direct, clear sound without the wide range of overtones but other materials bring will find the steel core strings to be the best option.

The sounds are very bright and sometimes thin, but the thin sound associated with steel can be offset when you wind them with different materials.

Steel core strings are also easily modified wound with different metals including Gold, Silver, and aluminum.

These different metals can offer more interesting overtones.

Different metals have different reactions which means the level of friction created and the sound generated as well as the overtones, and volume can be altered with different windings.

These are things you can start to consider as you become a more advanced player.

The steel core is more stable in pitch which means you don’t have to tune it as often.this is better for smaller instruments as well as entry-level musicians.

If you are a beginning musician you won’t have to tune the strings as often, they will adjust quickly once you put them on your instrument, and they will last longer. 

When should it be avoided?

The Jargar strings are a very suitable product for many non-classical situations. However, there are a few times when the products should be avoided. 

If you are a brand new musician, and you are just figuring out your viola, then steel strings might be too thick with too high a tension level for you.

You will be better off with an easier to play material like synthetic. 

If you are a classical player, looking for strings that provide a myriad of warm, rich overtones, this might not be the best core material either.

Classical players benefit from gut strings or synthetic strings for the overtones; steel core does not offer overtones. 

Key features of this product

The main feature these have to offer include the steel core.

This steel design is ideal for many musical situations because of the specific sounds it can produce that other string types cannot. 

Steel is known for the tonal perfection but it does bring a brightness to the sound that might not work with all playing styles or genres.

However, if you like the brightness, if you are playing as a soloist, or if you are part of a musical bluegrass, jazz, country, or rock group, these are precisely the strings you need.

Now, it’s important to understand that no single manufacturer or type of strings is going to meet the needs of every musician out there but these strings are still high quality and used by many.

Steel is unique in that is is already stronger and thicker than gut or synthetic.

It also has the highest tension level.

Still, it can be wrapped with other metals to enhance certain sounds achieved. 

Jargar Viola Strings Review

Now that you understand the key features of these strings and in what situations they are best suited, it is time to find the right product for you.

To help with that, we’ve highlighted each product in the section below. Now you can better decide which string or strings you need.

Always consult an industry professional before using any new product to ensure it is appropriate for your needs.

Jargar Viola String Set, 4/4 Size – Forte

Jargar offers this set of viola strings which are forte, their strongest design.

Perfect for beginners or intermediate players, the strings are stronger, thicker, and therefore have better pitch stability and more longevity. 

As a beginner this might not be the best option because the steel is harder to play, physically, but it is a great way to hone your skills once you know the basics of how to press the strings to play the type of music you want. 

This company offers multiple levels of tension with their viola strings and forte are the loudest and strongest.

Moreover, this is a comprehensive set of 4 strings so you can swap out all that you have with Jargar. 

If you need a full set and want to replace all of your strings at once, this is the set you want.

It is designed with a steel core, offering the strength and durability of steel strings.

The set is the thickest gauge they offer, so those players who want thicker strings should choose this design. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.


  • Removable ball end for easy identification of each string
  • Solid steel core
  • Chrome winding


  • Thickest gauge for the strings, not suitable to all players

Jargar Viola A String – Dolce

Made with a solid steel core, this string is great for viola players who like Jazz music, country, bluegrass, or rock and want the rich, brassy wounds of a steel string without the overtones of gut.

Non-classical players will find that these strings are ideal for limited overtones, great projection, and longevity.

Handmade in Denmark, these strings are great for controlling the specificity of the sound produced by your viola; you get a dolce or light tension A string which can be intermixed with other string tensions for the remaining notes, by Jargar or any other name.

This gives the opportunity for people to change to one Jargar string to get a better timber and tone, depending on the type of music being played. 

Dolce means the string is the thinnest gauge, ideal for players who want thinner strings, easier playability as a direct result, and a modified sound.

Again, there is no right or wrong, but rather, what works for you based on your personal preference.

As a more advanced or intermediate player, the thinner gauge is better.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • Removable ball end 
  • Solid steel core
  • Handmade in Denmark


  • A string only
  • Thinnest gauge, not suitable to all players

Jargar Viola Strings (Jar-4922)

If you need just one string, the A string, then this is a great product. For a lot of players, one or two strings break before the entire set breaks which is why it is good to have a product that sells them individually.

Moreover, these strings work well if you mix and match them, so you can have another type of string on your viola, and then swap the A string for this Jargar design. 

This A string is another example of a handmade Danish viola string that enables you to better control the sound quality you get from the A string in particular.

If you play a larger viola, up to 16.5 inches, this is the option you want. Being another Forte string, that means it is the thick gauge. 

Moreover, this A string is a chrome steel design which means it has a solid steel core wound with chrome.

The solid steel core brings with it the strong string design, less likely to break when played, and of course the thicker string size reinforces that strength and durability. 

It comes with a removable ball end making it removable and simple to replace when necessary.

Again, there is no right or wrong here.

You can choose the removable ball end if you find that to be easier for you when you replace strings.


  • Removable ball end for easier replacement
  • Solid steel core
  • Chrome winding
  • Good for sizes up to 16.5 inches


  • A string only
  • Thick gauge, not suitable to all players

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