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If you are looking for a new accordion, you might know what brand you already like or you might simply be looking for information so that you can decide which brand to give an opportunity to.

By reading Rossetti accordion reviews you can figure out if this company is best for you and your musical situation.

About Rossetti

The Rossetti accordion company is a relatively young company. It was founded in 1995 by a father and son who left their jobs working in the Aerospace industry and decided to apply their MIT mechanical engineering degrees and business degrees to music.

Both founders were musicians themselves and had a deep understanding of what quality musical instruments are.

With that, they have continued to design a range of button accordions, piano accordions, orchestra instruments, and drums.

But when it comes to accordions they are most well-known for the range of piano accordions.

It wasn’t until 2018 that they partnered with another company to add diversity to the products that they offered. 

Piano or button accordion?

When you said about choosing an accordion, you can choose between one of two main designs.

The first is the piano accordion.

The piano accordion is designed to have piano keys on one side so you would play it with one hand the same way that you would run your hand up and down the piano keys on a regular acoustic piano.

This is a very easy instrument to transition to if you have any understanding of playing the piano any background in it.

It uses the same skills and the same keys so playing is fairly simple if you know the scales.

The other option is the button accordion.

The button accordion doesn’t have keys but instead has groups of buttons and you have to spend a lot of time at the beginning memorizing these buttons and which keys or notes they correspond to but once you are able to memorize that placement, you can play a lot more notes with the same available space because the buttons are significantly smaller than the piano accordion.

This also makes the button accordion much lighter and easier to hold because the buttons weigh significantly less than the larger piano keys. 

Popular Rossetti models

Rossetti has a range of beautiful piano accordions with Italian style decorations and a lot of different pearlescent finishes.

They also have quite a few finishes for their range of button accordions but they only produce two types of button accordions that are both diatonic designs.

Many of the Rossetti accordion reviews you will read from customers have found that the piano accordions they produce are the best quality products you can get with the company and if you are interested in investing in an accordion from Rossetti, the piano accordions they make are truly top-of-the-line.

  • Rossetti has a lot of popular models, the most common and popular of which is the Rossetti 34 key accordion which is best for intermediate and advanced players.
  • The Rossetti beginner piano accordion with 12 bass buttons and 25 keys is a great option for, as the name suggests, beginners. It’s a wonderful investment and provides great value for any players.
  • Other Rossetti piano accordions include models with 30 piano keys in red or with printed bellows.

Should I use Rossetti if I am a beginner, intermediate, or professional?

The nice thing about the Rossetti company is that they have such a wide range of accordions and they have some of the same makes and models specifically for beginners versus intermediates versus professionals.

You can easily differentiate between all of these groups by looking at the title.

If it is a beginner design it will simply say the Rossetti beginner piano accordion and then it will specify the number of base buttons and the number of keys and of course the color or design on the exterior.

There is for example a Rossetti beginner piano accordion that has 12 bass buttons and 25 keys available in black, the same beginner piano accordion with the Mexican flag design, and the same design in white.

If you are an intermediate performer then the Rossetti piano accordions with 32 bass buttons and 30 piano keys, complete with three different switches can be found in a blue, white, Mexican flag design, red, and black.

If you are a more advanced or professional performer and you need something that’s more top of the line from the Rossetti company, they have Rossetti accordions that have 34 piano keys and those are some of the most popular products that the company provides. 

Rossetti Piano accordion

Rosetti is quite popular for creating their piano accordions. Top quality materials are always used with the Rossetti piano accordion.

It features on average 30 piano keys, 32 base keys, and three switches.

On the outside you get high quality Italian style pearlescent colors and decorations as well as a sophisticated designed grill with the company logo built-in.

Extra features you get with Rossetti accordions

The extra features you get from Rossetti really do make the company stand out.

While other companies might give you just the instrument itself, bare bones, with no other features or amenities, the Rossetti piano accordions like most of their accordions come with extra long leather straps and these leather straps are heavily padded so they’re much more comfortable and they are adjustable so you could have someone in your family who has a child thinking of getting started with an accordion or someone who is an advanced musician and has a collection of accordions but just wants to add to it and in any of these cases the straps will fit just fine.

The instruments come in most cases with rubber feet on the bottom and that’s another unique offering that gives your instrument much more security and stability.

This means that when you aren’t playing you can very easily set your accordion down on the ground and it won’t slip or move or fall over but instead will stand upright securely.

This level of security also manifests itself with the unique case that you get when you purchase a Rossetti accordion.

Many users are very happy with the Rossetti case because the case itself locks on the outside but more importantly it’s incredibly spacious on the inside so unlike other designers who might give you a case that just barely fits the instrument itself, this one not only fits the accordions you purchased but it’s designed to be big enough to fit the accordions with the strap still attached so you don’t have to take everything apart.

You can easily adjust the straps on both sides the way that you want, then put the accordion back in it’s case and take it from one venue to another. 

Other Rossetti Models

Rossetti has electronic models too. Some of the better power modules have wireless transmitters and expression pedals that allow you to control different features with your feet so that your hands can continue to play the bass buttons or instrument keys on top.

Having a separate power module is also beneficial because it minimizes how many cables connect to your instrument.

Finally, there are different switches and interfaces that you get with an electronic accordion.

Electronic accordions usually have bass buttons on the right hand side as well as the air valve.

The register buttons however don’t control the production of acoustic sound and instead affect things like how loud the sound is, whether you have any sustained, the Timbre of a synthesized sound or a sound sample, and more.

There might also be buttons or switches for different programs and sound buttons as well as the volume, the effect setting if you have sound effects like Reverb on your instrument, and of course buttons to control other instrument sounds like guitar or organ.

Top-of-the-line models will have a display panel that’s a small LED panel and displays different numeric codes to indicate what settings are currently being used in this helps you to change different settings quickly.

Who should use Rossetti accordions?

Rossetti does very well creating a range of models for different levels of skill so you can invest in a Rossetti accordion whether you are a beginner, intermediate player, or professional.

But there are situations where you might consider avoiding Rossetti and going to a different manufacturer.

For example, Rossetti accordions are piano accordions.

This means they have the generic piano keys on the right hand and the bass buttons on the left hand.

If you want a button accordion, with buttons on both sides and no piano keys, Rosetti is not going to be the best company for you and you should consider someone else.

By the same token if you already play the piano and you want something that makes it easier to transfer your piano skills, a piano accordion is of course the best solution for you and Rossetti makes a wonderful range of beginner models that would fit this need very well. 

Rossetti Accordion Reviews

Now that you have read some information on Rossetti accordion reviews and in which situations they might be best for you and which models they have, you can make a more informed decision.

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