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Strings play a very important role in the sound that you can generate with your viola.

There are multiple materials from which Viola strings are made and a handful of name-brand manufacturers.

Knowing which manufacturer is best can be a little overwhelming.

If you are considering a synthetic brand, it’s important to read a Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Viola strings review so that you have an understanding of what this brand has to offer and why they are considered a leader in the industry.

To help you better understand the story behind the manufacturer, and what qualities they possess, we put together some information and reviewed some possible solutions for those interested in dominant Viola strings.

When to use?

If you need high quality synthetic strings that bring you all the sound benefits of gut with the durable metallic benefits of steel, the dominant Viola strings are a great solution.

Because of their flexibility they are recommended for viola players who need to replace an entire set of strings or simply want to replace one or two strings to finely tune, figuratively, the sounds they produce.

When to avoid?

These strings should be avoided by Viola players who specifically need steel strings or gut strings.

There are many reasons why you might need the sound produced by different types of strings in particular.

For example, a member of a bluegrass group or a country group might specifically need more metallic sounds without the soft richness of gut.

In such situations, these might not be the best strings for you.

Why they are important

Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Violin Strings are hand-crafted specifically for violas and other stringed instruments.

This brand is known for providing all of the benefits of gut strings without the hassle, and they are available for any level of skill-set ranging from brand new students to professionals.

The Dominant Viola strings are considered the reference standard and were introduced as a synthetic solution at such a time when no synthetic solutions existed.

This company paved the way for musicians to enjoy the benefits in terms of sound offered by gut strings, but with the resistance to changes in temperature and humidity which so often cause gut strings to fall out of tune.

Moreover, they are incredibly flexible and durable which means they won’t break as easily.

There are a lot of options in these designs.

They are all synthetic cores but the cores are wound with multiple strands of different metals.

These metals not only affect the sound produced by the viola but give it that metallic resonance that you would get from steel strings, again without the downside of buying steel strings.

Key features 

This company revolutionized the music industry by providing strings designed for any level of Viola sound, strings which help to reveal the hidden potential within every musical instrument.

The company has a dedicated research lab where technicians offer high-quality strings which are extremely sensitive to even the lightest of finger touches, very reliable, and known for their precise tone.

As a result be Dominant strings are known for a long life span and good playability.

Gut strings are known for the expansive, smooth sounds they produce but they need to be tuned regularly.

This forces players to reach in their instruments while in the middle of planning sessions, practices, or performances. 

These Dominant strings are known for being multi-strand synthetic cores that have an all-around solution for a variety of applications bringing the best features of gut strings and steel strings together without the drawbacks. 

String options

You can unleash the potential of your viola with the strength.

The nice part about the Dominant brand is that you can invest in entire sets of strength or purchase individual strength.

This allows you to create the precise sound you are looking for by mixing and matching, but it also enables you to replace all of your strength as needed.

The ends of each string have a color coordinated piece of silk on the ball so that you can recognize the gauge quickly. You can find light, medium, and heavy levels of tension.

There are multiple options available for each string. For example, for your E-string:

  1. You can choose a chrome steel core not wound with anything else
  2. You can pick a carbon steel core wound with tin
  3. There is also a steel core wound with aluminum

The A string has a synthetic core and is wound with aluminum.

The G string has a synthetic core and is wound with silver.

For the D string, it has a synthetic or but you can choose between aluminum or silver based on your preferences.

This brand sells not only the regular size but they sell fractional size sets so you can enjoy everything the dominant brand has to offer as a student musician or beginning player. 

Choosing your gauge

The vast majority of players 4 medium gauge strings but on occasion you might want you to sing to sound results generated by a heavy gauge or a light gauge. 

The thicker width on the viola string requires more tension and with a higher level of tension it has a slow response.

However, it does give better volume and Fuller tone as a result.

The thinner width focuses more on a faster response and a more precise sound but it does bring with it less volume.

You should choose your gauge and tension based on your skill level and the needs you have for your viola in particular.

No matter which strings you choose it might take up to 12 hours of playing time before the strings are truly broken in and reach their full sound potential.

Thomastik-Infeld Viola strings give you wide level of versatility.

You can pick different depths, levels of richness, and tonal quality with these strings the same as you would get with gut strings only, without the drawbacks of playing with gut.

For the last nine decades the strings have been handcrafted and the name brand has come to join the ranks of top Viola strings known for their playability, dependability, and quality.

Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Viola Strings Review: A look at your options

Now that you have an idea as to what the dominant strings have to offer, you still have to choose which ones are best for your instrument.

With this Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Viola strings article, we’ve compiled some information on the top products for your Viola so that you can find an applicable solution.

Thomastik Dominant up to 16.5″ Viola String Set Medium Gauge

These viola strings are suitable for violas up to 16.5 inches. When applied to your instrument you can enjoy easy responsiveness to even the most intricate of fingering.

They bring with them the multi-core design too which is good for those who don’t really need steel strings and who are not comfortable with gut.

Being synthetic in their core, they also hold their pitch well so once you change out your strings and tune them, they will hold that for quite some time.

This is a benefit you wouldn’t get with gut, as gut strings can fall out of tune with even the change in temperature brought about by stage lights.

The Dominant violas strings will maintain their pitch so you don’t have to retune midway through a performance.

These string project well, something you normally get with other steel designs, only, the Dominant versions lack the metallic sound often accompanying projection which works well for classical performers. 

As they are longer lasting than gut, you can play even the most rapid and intricate of fingering with them and they won’t break as easily.

This is also good for professionals who practice and perform regularly.

View at Amazon to learn more about how these strings could work for you.


  • Strings are very sturdy
  • Wide range of sizes for beginners
  • Synthetic core means longer lifespan
  • Good tuning stability


  • Not for sizes 16.5

Thomastik-Infeld 141 Dominant Synthetic Core Viola Strings, Medium Gauge, 4/4 Scale, Set of 4

These viola strings are made with a flexible synthetic core wound with multiple strands.

Introduced by the Thomastik-Infeld as the original alternative to gut, these strings have all the tonal warmth you might want from gut, without the issue of losing tone.

With these, your viola won’t strings won’t respond to changes in humidity and fall out of tune while traveling or performing under stage lights. 

The sound you get is soft and clear, with a stable intonation with good projection, so you can use them as a soloist or as an orchestra member.

You have great volume control so you can make rich, vibrant sounds at whatever level you need, and are not just with one volume level.

Tangentially, they respond quite well to rapid fingering, so no matter how complex your songs might be, the strings will respond accordingly without any loss of sound.

You will feel the difference as you play, especially if you have ever had to apply extra pressure to hold down steel strings. 

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.


  • Synthetic core that brings the benefits of gut and steel without the drawbacks
  • Stays in tune longer
  • Lasts longer than gut
  • Responds well to rapid fingering


  • One size viola only

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