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If you are looking for new strings for your viola, there are many trusted brand names and product lines available.

Refining the list to a single manufacturer does not do much to make the decision any easier.

Some of the top manufacturers including Warchal offer a handful of different strings that are each slightly different than the last.

To make this decision easier for you we’ve put together some useful information in this Warchal viola strings review on what situations each of the products are best suited for, when they should be avoided, and what key features make each of the Warchal products so popular.

In what situations is this product useful?

Warchal offers many viola strings, and these strings each serve their purpose.

Knowing the differences between them can help you determine whether one set is better for your solo performances or for your ensemble performances. 

If you are playing against an orchestra, or with an orchestra, or even on your own to some extent, there is an issue of whether your audience can hear the same sound you hear as you play the instrument. 

Sound balances differently on stage compared to the back of a room. Higher frequencies are damped more than lower frequencies, which can travel all the way to the back of the room.

In fact, lower frequencies can travel in curves, whereas the higher frequencies travel in straight lines.

So, as the player, you can hear everything, but as the audience, they might hear the reflections from the concert hall walls. 

This matters because, if you are not producing enough overtones, there won’t be any overtones heard in the concert hall by the audience.

So, as a professional, it behooves you to have an instrument and strings that, together, produce a slightly brighter sound than you are accustomed to because the wider range of overtones can reach the back of the room too, not just your chair.

The Brilliant line does just that. 

Remember, too, that there are circumstances under which maximum projection is not needed.

For these situations, the Karneol line is better in that it offers a mellower tone, especially for those whose instruments are producing bright sounds. 

That said, the strings that work well for some, won’t work well for others.

Those who are trying to blend in, not stand out, in an orchestra might not want the Brilliant strings, as they would project too much and prevent blending.

But those who are soloists, or need to be heard above an orchestra won’t want to settle for Karneol, but instead choose Amber or Brilliant. 

Key strings and their features

Warchal offers a range of viola strings, each of which are good for different situations and offer slightly varying key features.

A big part of this Warchal viola strings review is understanding the main product lines and how they differ. 

Amber Strings

The Amber Warchal viola strings are considered one of their highest quality string sets which means they are designed for professionals and better suited to advanced players.

They should be avoided by beginners who are not ready for the advanced playing benefits the strings provide.

These strings seek to give you the same sound of gut without the tuning instability. 

Amber strings are designed with a new core material, a proprietary material called W-Core.

You get flexibility in the strings though, insofar as the A string can be ordered with metal cores from the company Helix design, so you get more elasticity.

Each of the Amber strings boasts a silk winding design. 

The sets need to match the vibrating length of your viola, but there are three size options for you.

You can also get individual strings such as the synthetic core A string wrapped with hydronalium, or the metal A string with the ball or loop end.

The D, G, and C strings have the synthetic core and are wrapped with either hydronalium, stainless steel, or pure silver. 

Karneol Strings

Karneol is a string set that offers more velvety tones, warmth and texture.

These strings also have a synthetic core, but a different synthetic material.

They require up to 3 days to achieve stability once you put them on your viola. 

They have the option of getting a synthetic or metal core for the A string. The synthetic core sound matches the rest of the set perfectly.

However, the hydronalium or aluminium winding is less durable on synthetic strings than on metal strings, you can make changes as you see fit. 

With the viola, you need to make sure you match the string size not to the body of the instrument, but to the vibrating length.

That said, you can find three product sets from the Karneol brand which are sure to fit your playing requirements.

The A string, as mentioned, can be found with a synthetic core or metal core.

The synthetic core is wrapped with hydronalium while the metal core is wrapped with stainless steel and comes with a ball or loop end. 

The D, G, and C strings are made with a synthetic core and wrapped with either hydronalium, stainless steel, or pure silver. 

Brilliant Strings

The Brilliant strings are meant for players who need a lot of projection and faster tuning stability.

The synthetic core strings still require between 3 and 4 days to settle in before full tonal qualities can be heard.

These strings, similar to the Amber strings, give you the option of a synthetic core A string wrapped with hydronalium, or the metal A string with the ball or loop end.

The D, G, and C strings have the option of the synthetic core wrapped with either hydronalium, stainless steel, or pure silver. 

Warchal Viola Strings Review

Now that you understand some of the key features that each viola set possesses, it is time to look at a few of the top Warchal viola products.

With the information presented below, you can compare some of their top products and make a decision as to the one best suited to your needs. 

Warchal Brilliant 15″-16″ Viola Set – Medium Gauge

This set is comprised of a synthetic core A string that features hydronalium winding. Warchal is unique in that it uses hydronalium as a wrapping material over aluminium.

The slight chemical differences between aluminum and this product are important for advanced musicians and professionals alike in that aluminum is what causes a negative chemical reaction with the acidity in sweat.

This is something that professionals have to contend with when under hot stage lights or performing outside.

The hydronalium circumvents this issue. 

The same center fibers and winding are on the D string, but the G string is wound with either silver or stainless steel.

The C string is the same, with a synthetic or but wound with pure silver or stainless steel. All of the strings have a ball end.

If you need a lot of projection and better tuning stability, this is the set to consider.

The brilliant set is one of the more popular stuff especially for soloists because of the ability to nearly double the level of sound produced by your instrument.

Be advised that it will take between three and four days to reach tonal stability on new strings.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.


  • Medium gauge
  • Synthetic core with proprietary hydronalium winding
  • Full set for 15-16 inch viola
  • Quality sound that projects well


  • Sound can be too harsh for some musical requirements

WARCHAL Karneol Professional Viola Strings

This string set is among the most popular brand in the world. Warchal is well known for making viola strings suitable for professional needs, each of which are subtle, distinct, and refined.

They are used by some of the most renowned musicians around the world. This brand name produces handmade strings that adhere to the highest quality.

This site offers a rich, varied collection of timbers suitable for high-end, handcrafted violas.

The strings will adjust to the sound characteristics your instrument possesses which will allow you to make the most out of the unique tonal qualities your Viola has. 

These strings are made with synthetic fibers and wrapped with special metals and alloys.

Don’t let the synthetic core fool you, it is one of the better qualities this brand has to offer because the sound is similar to gut but the synthetic design makes the strings impervious to humidity or temperature changes.

As such, they will remain in tune no matter where you travel or how often you travel for performances and rehearsals.

You won’t have to worry about having to retune in between sets, concerts, or rehearsals.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.


  • Handmade strings
  • Good tuning stability
  • Synthetic core with metal wrappings
  • Set of professional strings that last longer than similar products


  • For professionals only, full sized

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